PhD Level

The DAAD offers different scholarships at the PhD level. This site provides an overview of the different scholarships:

Research Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates and Young Scientists (also Sandwich-Model)

DAAD sponsors short term research stays for a period of up to six months and long term research stays for one year. The latter can be extended up to a maximum of three years in order to complete a full PhD. The typical applicant for a DAAD PhD scholarship has already proven that his or her academic abilities are above average. Due to its focus on 'high potential' candidates, PhD scholarships are only offered to those who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Applicants must already have obtained a Bachelor's Degree graded at least Second Class (Upper Division)
  • Applicants must already have obtained a good Master's Degree
  • The applicant's most recent academic degree must have been obtained within the last six years by the time of application

Application deadline [at the DAAD Information Center or the German Embassy]: 31tst of October of the year prior to the commencement of the scholarship.

Applicants for the DAAD doctoral research grant are now required to complete an online application process before submitting the overview (a PDF file called "Bewerbungszusammenfassung.pdf").  Please be aware that only complete application forms, including all necessary documents, will be processed!

To gain access to the application page please visit and then enter your “Status”, your “Country of origin” and your “Subject” (subject area of research). Please select ‘DAAD funding programmes only’.  Click on refine your selection.  Find and click on the link “ Research Grants for Doctoral candidates and Young Academics and scientists”.  Grants are either long-term (more than 6 months mostly leading to the award of a PhD) or short term (less than 6 months).  Choose the appropriate for your application.

African Regional Networks

Some selected African Regional Networks are supported by the DAAD through individual scholarships for postgraduate students. These Scholarships (Master, PhD) are open to postgraduate students from Sub-Saharan African countries who want to pursue their degree at an African university outside their home country. Since the focus is on strengthening university staff development, young university staff members or candidates considered for teaching/research staff recruitment are given priority.

Applications have to be submitted to these networks only. DAAD does not accept applications sent directly to the head office in Germany or to the Information Center Accra.

  • AIMS African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (S.A.)
  • ANSTI African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (Kenya)
  • CEPACS Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ibadan (Nigeria)
  • CERAAS Centre d‘Etude Régional pour l‘Amélioration de l‘Adaptation à la Sécheresse (Senegal)
  • CESAG Centre Africain d‘Etudes Supérieures en Gestion (Mali)
  • CESPAM Centre of Specialization in Public Administration and Management (Botswana)
  • CMAAE Collaborative Masters Programme in Agricultural and Applied Economics in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa
  • Human Rights Centre for Human Rights at the Faculty of Law, UoPretoria (S.A.)
  • ICIPE International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (Kenya)
  • 2iE Institut International d‘Ingénieurs de l‘Eau et de l‘Environnement (Burkina Faso)
  • ILRI International Livestock Research Institute (Kenya/Ethiopia)
  • IMSP Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques (Benin)
  • IWM Integrated Watershed Management (Kenya) link
  • NAPRECA Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa
  • PTCI Programme de Troisième Cycle Interuniversitaires en Economie ( Burkina Faso )

Centres of Excellence

The DAAD funded Centres of Excellence at leading Sub-Sahara African universities create modern educational capacities with supraregional influence. DAAD provides individual scholarships for postgraduate students (Master, PhD). Applications have to be submitted to these Centers only. DAAD does not accept applications sent directly to the head office in Germany or to the Information Center. Enquiries have to be addressed to the programme co-ordinators.

  • Ghanaian-German Centre for Development Studies, University of Ghana with University of Bonn, (new call for PhD applicants, deadline by Friday 31st March, follow the link for more details)
  • Tanzanian-German Centre for Postgraduate Studies in Law, University of Dar es Salaam with University of Bayreuth
  • Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance, Université Protestante au Congo with Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • Namibian-German Centre for Logistics, Polytechnic of Namibia with University of Applied Sciences Flensburg
  • South African-German Centre for Development Research and Criminal Justice, University of the Western Cape with Ruhr-University Bochum

For more information visit:

DLR – DAAD - Research Fellowships

The DLR – DAAD Research Fellowship Programme is run by the ‘Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt’ (DLR) and the DAAD. DLR is Germany´s national research center for aeronautics and space, doing research also in transportation and energy.

This special programme is intended for highly-qualified doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as senior scientists with the subjects Aeronautics, Space, Transportation and Energy. DLR-DAAD Fellowships offer outstanding scientists and researchers the opportunity to conduct special research at the institutes of the DLR in Germany.

DLR-DAAD Fellowships are defined and awarded on an individual basis. Each Fellowship announcement will indicate the specific application requirements and terms of the visit. The current offers are published under ‘DLR-DAAD Fellowships - Current Offers’. 

DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP)

In this Programme, one first applies to PhD Programmes in selected Graduate schools (host institution).

The DAAD scholarship in this programme comprises funding for up to three years, or in a few exceptional cases up to four years.  DAAD scholarship holders will be identified by a two-step procedure.

Step One: PhD positions are advertised internationally and following a selection process, appropriate candidates are nominated for a DAAD scholarship by the hosting programme.

Step Two: The nominees submit an online-application with supporting documentation via the DAAD-portal.

Download the list of selected PhD programmes HERE.