Study in Germany


Overview of International Degrees

A growing number of German institutions of higher education offer courses which lead to an international degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) and are taught in English. These "International Degree Programmes" are of particular interest to international students. The range of study opportunities covers undergraduate degree courses for students beginning their studies and graduate/postgraduate courses for advanced students. With few exceptions, the predominant or exclusive language of instruction, at least in the first semesters, is English.

Features of these International Degree Programmes:

  • High academic standards
  • International degrees
  • Tightly organized study programmes
  • Opportunities for study periods at partner universities and colleges abroad
  • Courses and lectures held in English (for further details on the language of instruction kindly refer to the individual programme descriptions)
  • German language courses offered before and during the programme
  • Special services: academic and personal support, services provided by tutors and mentors, intensive study counseling, work in small groups, etc.
  • Besides of a few exceptions there are no tuition fees in Germany.

List of Programmes The DAAD has established a website that gives you access to those 'International Degree Programmes', arranged by subject area.

Nota bene: Since there are continously new programmes developed and accredited, it might be worth checking for new degree courses from time to time.


Further information on the admission conditions and requirements, application deadlines and formalities is available directly from the programme officer of your chosen degree course. The higher education institutions themselves are responsible for deciding on the acceptance and admission of individual applicants. Their decisions are made on the basis of applicant qualification criteria.

For the admission to any of the undergraduate programmes an equivalent to the German general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) is required. To be admitted to any of the graduate programmes in general a Bachelor's degree will be required. In certain cases additional periods of study in a respective field may be necessary in order to fulfill the admission requirements for the course.

Please contact the programme officer of your chosen degree course via email if you need to find out whether your qualification meets the course requirements.