Learning German


Learning German

While it is possible to study international degree programmes in Germany without knowledge of the German language, there are some very good reasons for learning German. Just consider some of the following:

  • Germany is a monolingual country - knowing some German will make your daily life a lot easier. Just consider the following situations: choosing products in a supermarkt, asking for directions, meeting fellow students to do sports. Speaking some German will help you getting settled in the new environment and your social life.
  • German is not only spoken in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. In fact, among Europeans the approximately 100 million native speakers of German greatly outnumber those of English, French, Italian or Spanish.
  • In business, diplomacy and tourism, German stands second only to English in Western Europe, in Eastern Europe it holds first place.
  • Germany is a major trading partner for Ghana, ranking fourth among foreign trading partners. More than 90 German companies are present in Ghana, frequently seeking staff with German language skills. The same is true for German development organisations, which often wish to recruit Ghanaians with some knowledge of German.
  • After completion of a degree course in Germany you will be allowed to stay on for another year to look for qualified employment. A good command of the German language will greatly enhance your chances of finding a suitable position.

Deutsch Lernen 2012

(German classes at the University of Education in Winneba)

There are a number of options for you to learn German. You can learn German…

Please follow the links for more information on the different ways to learn German.

Verstehen Sie Deutsch? - Alumniportal Deutschland provides a Newsletter for German Learners: https://www.alumniportal-deutschland.org/deutsche-sprache/verstehen-sie-deutsch.html

Comprehensive information on all issues related to learning German can also be found here. These pages will provide all the answers to your questions on how best to learn German. You will find information on aspects like language schools, online learning methods and materials. For detailed information on language requirements set by German universities and a compilation of all recognised German language tests and certificates, please visit http://www.sprachnachweis.de/.

Learning German in Ghana

  • Goethe-Institut Ghana: The Goethe-Institut Ghana in Accra, located next to NAFTI in East Cantonments, offers a variety of language courses starting at beginners´ level. In these language courses you will learn the standard German spoken in Germany today. You can set your own pace and decide whether to take an intensive class or to spread your learning over a longer period. You can also prepare to take one of the Goethe-Institut examinations, which are recognised worldwide. In addition, the Goethe-Institut is licensed as a TestDaF Center. The TestDaF examination is accepted by German universities as a proof of sufficient knowledge of German to take a German degree programme. For further information please contact the head of the Goethe-Institute´s language department at: language@accra.goethe.org or by phone: 021-77 67 64. For further Information visit: www.goethe.de

  • Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL): The Ghana Institute of Languages in Accra (at the University of Ghana´s city campus, off Barnes Road, Workers College, Adabraka) offers German language courses from beginners´ to intermediate level, leading to a Diploma in German. The institute also runs specialised courses for trainee translators. For more information please contact gil@ghana.com or call 021-221052/221092. For information on the availability of German classes at the Kumasi and Tamale branch of the GIL please contact the branch offices (Kumasi: 051-28744; Tamale: 071-24174). Another opportunity for learning German is provided at the Faculty of Languages Education at the University of Education, Winneba.

Learning German online

There are also distant/online learning opportunities available. The Deutsch Uni Online (http://www.deutsch-uni.com/) provides such opportunities with live sessions of teachers as well. DUO offers custom-made, modular programmes featuring exam preparation, exercises for all communicative skills, authentic materials and much, much more. This service is NOT free-of-charge.  However, there is also a free-of-charge service offered by Deutsche Welle TV.  It is available at www.dw-world.de/germancourses. Here you can even achieve up to B1 level of proficiency.

Learning German in Germany

There are certainly a number of institutions in Germany which provide language learning opportunities. Most universities offer modern language learning opportunities including German at all levels at their language centers free-of-charge. German language courses at a huge number of private language schools are NOT free-of-charge. You can find more information about where to learn German here: www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/sommerkurse/de/