Life in Germany


Living Costs

Most German universities are state financed, i.e. tuition fees are covered by the German government. Foreign students enjoy the same privileges as local students. But you need to finance your daily life there. Generally, you need 650€ – 850€ (appro. HK$ 6,500 – HK$ 8,500) per month to support your life in Germany.

Below are the expenses you have to pay during your studies:

  • Administrative fees including social security contribution: 50€ - 200€ per semester
  • Compulsory health insurance: ~70€ per month
  • Accommodation: ~200€ - 350€ per month
  • Semester transportation ticket: ~30€ - 50€ per semester (it may be included in the administrative fees in some Federal States)

*Living expenses differ from city to city and from federal state to federal state. Living costs are the highest in Munich while generally lower in smaller towns and in the eastern part of the country.

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