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Higher Education Compass

The Higher Education Compass is an information portal of the German Rectors' Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz – HRK) that publishes information from state and state-recognised German universities about their study and doctorate opportunities and international partnerships. All information found in the Higher Education Compass is authorised by the universities and is updated by employees at the universities themselves.

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Regular Courses

They are German taught degree programmes. For some traditional subjects such as Design, Music, Architecture, Psychology, Medicine, etc, they are only taught in German. 

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International Courses

International Degree Programmes (IDP) are 100% or partly taught in English and fully recognized worldwide

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*M.A. courses are always taught programmes. There are no M.Phil courses in the German system.

Summer Courses

Every year from June to September the German higher education institutions offer summer programmes with a vast variety to choose from. Summer courses are a good idea, if you want to get a first glance of German culture. There are language courses on all levels and the cost for study fees and accommodation is about 800-1,000€ (ca. HK$ 8,000-10,000).

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Since 2010, all German universities (except a few Art and Music Colleges) have offered bachelor's (3 years) and master's degrees (1-2 years) instead of the traditional degrees such as Magister and Diplom