Q:  Can I study in Germany even I do not speak German?
A:   Yes, please search English-taught International Degree Programmes at www.daad.de/idp

Q:  How many years do I study for Bachelor, Master and PhD studies?
A:   Bachelor: 3-4 Years; Master(full-time only): 1-2 Years; PhD: 3-4 Years

Q:  What is the minimum admission requirement to apply for the German universities?
A:  HKDSE (Tentative):  4 core + 2 elective subjects (Level 3 or above)
     Advanced Level:  Pass in at least 2 AL subjects + Chinese Language + Use of English
     *English proficiency must be proved if you are applying English programmes

Q:  How much does it cost to study in Germany?
A:  For public universities the tuition fee ranges from 0 to 500€/semester; Private universities charge higher without upper limit.

Q:  Can I apply more than one university? How can I apply?
A:  Yes, you can apply more than one university. Please refer to the website of each programme for application method.

Q:   When can I submit the application?
A:   The application period is usually April to July every year; For Master programmes it varies, you should refer to details of individual programme.

Q:   How much does it cost to live in Germany?  
A:   On average you need 650-850€/month for rent, food, transportation, etc.

Q:   Can I apply for student hall?
A:   In every city there is the Studentenwerk, which is responsible for the student hall, you will receive information about accommodation after being admitted to the university.

Q:   Can I work during my studies?  
A:   Yes, but the limit is 120 full days or 240 half days each year. You cannot work if you are holding Language Visa. 

Q:   Can I work in Germany after graduated?
A:   Yes, you have 18 months for job-seeking in Germany, but the job must be related to what you studied.

Q:    Where can I learn German?
A:    You can take part-time German courses at the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong in Wanchai which is an official German cultural organization; You can also take full-time intensive German course in Germany.

Q:    Do I need to apply visa?
A:    Unless you are holding EU passports e.g. Britain, Portugal (click here for more information), you need a visa in advance for a stay longer than 3 months in Germany, the visa application usually takes 4-6 weeks.