The following information brochures are all in English and available in hardcopies in our centre. Other DAAD publications are available here.

  1. Studying in Germany - A Practical Guide for International Students
    Practical information on studying in Germany: Preparing for your study visit (selecting a university, admission, financing, application, entering Germany, accommodation), getting started in Germany (International Office, enrolling, taking care of formalities), making your stay a success (making contacts, learning German, working)

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  2. Destination Germany - A Pocket Guide For International Students
    Information and tips on living and studying in Germany: Degree programmes, types of universities, application, costs, visa, accommodation, medical treatment, money, recreation, environmental protection, safety.
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  3. The German University System at A Glance
    Overview of the most important aspects of the German university system, information on the study opportunities and on university policy


  4. Studying in Germany - A Good Choice for Your Child. 15 Questions and Answers for Parents
    Answers to 15 frequently asked questions for parents whose children are considering Germany as a place to study abroad.

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  5. Zeit Germany
    Study, Research, Work: A Guide
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