Study in Germany


Study in Germany

Study in Germany – A Good Choice


So you want to study abroad? – Then Germany should be your first choice!


From the first car to the smartcard – Germany enjoys a long tradition of outstanding research and development. Many of it is owned to the excellence of German universities. Study in Germany means getting in touch with cutting edge research and internationally recognized scientists right from the beginning.

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German universities offer a wide and diverse range of degree courses at all levels, attracting scores of students and graduates from all over the world. Hundreds of Pakistani academics and executives obtained their Master’s or PhD degree from a German university and built their career on it. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of the world’s largest and most respected intermediary organizations in its field. The DAAD Information Center in Islamabad offers information and guidance to students aiming for a German degree.


Ten good reasons to study in Germany


  1. Within the last 25 years, 24 Germans were awarded a Nobel Prize.
  2. Germany is one of the leading industrial nations worldwide.
  3. German universities are based on a century long academic tradition.
  4. Degree courses at German universities combine a sound theoretical foundation with practical application.
  5. At German universities, you are instructed by top qualified professors right from the beginning.
  6. German universities offer more than 900 degree courses at all levels with English as language of instruction.
  7. At German universities, you get first class education for amazingly low fees- or even without any.
  8. German cities offer an unrivaled range of cultural venues and events– mostly with reduced prices for students!
  9. With a moderate climate and a carefully preserved nature, Germany is the ideal place for outdoor activities all year round.
  10. Foreign graduates of German universities are welcome to start their career in Germany

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