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Links and Downloads

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DAAD Research Grant

DAAD Information Center Islamabad Flyer

Europass CV

Links for every purpose from A to Z

Booklet: "Development-Related Postgraduate Courses- Educating Professionals for Sustainable Development"

Studying in Germany - A Practical Guide for International Students

Studying in Germany. A Good Choice for Your Child

Destination Germany: A Pocket Guide for International Students (Destination germany)

Study and Research in Germany: Annotated Weblinks

Doing a doctorate in Germany

Preparing your Research Stay

Funding your Research Stay

The German Research Landscape

Email- Etiquette

How to write a research proposal

Magazine - Germany - a Great Place for Knowledge - Medicine

Magazine - Germany - A Great Place for Knowledge - Engineering

Magazine - Germany - A Great Place for Knowledge - Humanities

Magazine - Germany - A Great Place for Knowledge - Natural Sciences, Matehematics and Computer Science