DAAD Scholarship Programmes


Continuing Clinical Training for Medical Doctors

The DAAD may fund up to one year of continuing medical training for medical doctors. This clinical training should be completed at a German university clinic.

To apply for the funding of clinical training, applicants should

  • Agree with a German medical professor at a university clinic about the training programme.
  • Submit the planned training programme together with an invitation issued by a German medical professor togther with their application.
  • It is advisable also to include major parts of communication between the applicant and the inviting professor.


All Grant holders who practise medicine in Germany (whereby a training section completed as part of the medical specialist training is also considered in Germany to constitute the practice of medicine) or who have contact with patients require a "Permit for the Temporary Practice of Medicine". To apply for this permit, applicants have to proof

  • (As a rule) completed 7 years of medical training with a university degree.
  • Three years of professional practice after graduation.

The permit will be issued by the Regional Government Office in the federal state where the host university is located. Applications have to be filed only after the scholarship has been awarded.

(Since in Pakistan, the MBBS is awarded after a total of five years of training, the permit will be issued on a case to case decision based on the overall qualificaton of the applicant. It is advisable to address the issue when writing to your supervising professor.)

Finding a supervising professor:

The website www.medknowledege.de may help you to find the right department in the right university clinic. You may need some time for your search! Turn to us for help if you get really stuck!

How to apply:

Applicants have to submit two complete sets of application comprising of

  • Filled application form with attached photo (tick: Other programmes - write: clinical training)
  • CV
  • Detailed plan for clinical training
  • Letter of invitation by German medical professor
  • Certified copies of school graduation and MBBS certificate and transcript
  • Certified copies of all other relevant certificates and transcripts
  • Certificate of professional experience
  • Two letters of recommendation


Applicants should keep in mind that when working with patients, a good knowledge of German language will be mandatory. DAAD will fund a course of German language prior of the commencement of the training. It is, however, advisable to start learning German as early as possible.