Living in Germany


Costs for students

How much does it cost to study and live in Germany?

Internatinal students completing their entire (or part of their) course in Germany need to consider different costs. To get a better overview, you can distinguish bewteen education and living expenses.

For information about tution fees, click here

When moving to Germany, you should carefully calculate your living expenditures before time. The cost of living as well as the rent may differ from city to city. Generally, your living expenses can be calculated as follows:

For more information on living expenditures and estimated rent for various cities, please click here     

Am I allowed to work while studying?

Daad Br-inside 08 H-a Ecirgbv2As a non EU student, you are allowed to work 180 full days per year. This restriction does not apply if you have a job at the university (e.g. in the library or as a student assistant to the professor). These jobs are, however, highly requested by both German and foreign students. For more information about working in Germany, please click here or here.

Student internships:

If you are not an EU citizen, internships will count as normal work. This also applies if the internships are unpaid. Each day spent on the internship is deducted from the maximum of 90 days per year that the law allows you to work. If you've already used up the 90-day allowance, you will need the approval of the Foreigners Authority and the Employment Agency before you start an internship. This ruling does not apply, if the internship is a required part of your course, a Compulsory Internship (Pflichtpraktikum). For more information on student internships, please click here