Living in Germany


Accommodation in Germany

Places to stay

If you are planning to study in Germany, you should make some living arrangements before arriving in Gemany. German universities do not automatically allocate a room when you enroll for a degree course. Instead, students have to find their own accommodation. There are following options:

Living in a student hall

In every university town you will find a number of student halls offering accommodation at moderate costs (150 – 300 Euros per month). Students mostly live in fully furnished single rooms, often with an attached private bathroom. Students of one f loor usually share a kitchen and other facilities like TV room and washing machine. For foreign students, a student hall is the perfect place to get started since you can book a room in adDaad Br-inside 106 H-a Ecirbgv2vance, you need not buy furniture and you will easily make contacts with other students from all over the world. But bear in mind that rooms in student halls are highly requested. So you should contact the international office at your university well in advance. You can find a room at a student hall here  or in our student residence hall database.                                                                                   

Living in a shared flat

Private shared f lats (called Wohngemeinschaften in German, or just WG) are probably the most popular form of accommodation. Several students look for a flat together and each has their own room, while sharing kitchen and bathroom. The occupants also share the rent. Depending on where you study, you should reckon with 150 to 350 euros per month.

Living in private accommodation

Most of the students arriving in Germany, rent themselves a private flat or room within the city.

Costs for utilities like electricity, gas and heating, and water are generally not included in the rent. You have to pay these extra – but not to your landlord or landlady; in most cases, you pay the municipal water and electricity works direct.

Living in Germany as a Muslim

Germany is the home of a growing Muslim population. Thus you will find a mosque, Muslim grocery stores, bakeries and butcheries in every town.