DAAD Scholarship Programmes


DAAD Research Grants for Young Faculty of Pakistani Universities (Phd-students and postdocs)

DAAD research grants are available for doctoral candidates and young postdocs for:

  • Research projects at German universities for the purpose of gaining a Ph.D. in the home country (Research Grants- Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees),
  • Research projects at a German university for the purpose of gaining a doctorate in Germany,
  • Research projects or further education and training at German universities for young post-docs.


In the past, applicants to the DAAD "Research Grant" programme have been, expected to be faculty of a Pakistani university or research institution. Now, postgraduate students (having recently completed 18 years of education) or who are in the process of finalizing their M. Phil course or who are on an "M. Phil leading to PhD" programme or those who have already started their PhD research work without being employed at any university are eligible to apply. They should, however be full time members of a university or research institution (as faculty or as postgraduate students) and they should be clearly aiming at an academic career. This means, professionals working in any other private or public organization or company are not eligible to apply for a DAAD Research Grant.

More Information/Downloads

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Research Grants- Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees

Guideline: How to find a supervisor
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Brochure: Doing a doctorate in Germany

Additional Information for applicants from the field of :

Medicine (also see: Scholarships for Medical Doctors)

Deadline of application: September 30, 2014.

A step by step guide on "How to apply to a DAAD Research Grant", can be found here

For a step by step guide on how to register and apply to the online portal, please click here.

NOTE: Application for a DAAD Research Grant is highly competitive, and at the end less than one applicant out of ten will be selected for a scholarship. We thus strongly advise you: