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Lecture Series

Issues, Questions and Ideas of Nation-building in Pakistan

With funding support from the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Pakistan, regular lectures by national and international speakers are held at the National Institute of Pakistan Studies. All students, professors and interested guests are cordially invited.


Thursdays, 11am – 1pm

NIPS Conference Room, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad


For current announcements and more information visit the project website here.


Spring Term 2013

Progressives and “Perverts”: Partition stories and Pakistan’s Future

21st February

By Prof. Dr. Kamran Asdar Ali, Associate Professor University of Texas, Austin, USA


The Current Political Situaiton in Sindh in Historical Context

7th March

By Naseer Memon, Chief Executive Strengthening Participatory Organisations


The Effectiveness of Democratization Programs

4th April

By Jennifer Dernay Rabe, Philipps-University-Marburg, Germany; pref. NDU Washington D.C., USA


Foreign Perspectives on Pakistan – Views of a German Correspondent

18th April



Transnational Governmentability and Civil Society: Cooperation and Power in a Globalized World

2nd May

By Prof. Dr. Ina Kerner, Humbold University Berlin, Germany; DAAD Short Term Lecturer NIPS/QAU


A Comparative Study of Pakhtun and Tamil Nationalism

9th May

By Asma Faiz, LUMS


Documentary Movie on Swat & Effects of Militancy

16th May

By Gulnar Tabassum, Shirkat Gah


Nation-building in Hunza

23rd May

By Dr. Julie Flowerday, AIPS Guest Lecturer, University of Gujrat




Winter Term 2012/2013

Socio-political Impact of the War on Terror

By Ayaz Wazir, former Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


FATA – Sociopolitical Challenges and Narratives

By M. Yousufzai, Journalist, Peshawar


Beyond the Unitary-Federal Dichotomy: Asymmetric Forms of Government and Governance for Territorial (Identity) Management in Europe

By Elisabeth Alber, Institute for the Studies on Federalism and Regionalism, European Academy Bolzano, Italy


Pakistan’s Struggle for Representation: A Cultural Studies’ Perspective

By Dr. Marta Bolognani, Muslim in Britain Research Network, Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex, United Kingdom


Drones and Challenges of Nation-building

By Shahzad Mirza Akbar, Lawyer


Lady Judges of Pakistan. Gender, Professionalism and Muslim Identity

By Dr. Livia Holden, Lahore University of Management Sciences


Seraiki Nationalism and Nation-Building in Pakistan

By Dr. Nukhbah Langah, FC College Lahore


Critique, Periphery, Sidestream(s)… - Presenting Critical Voices of Social Sciences

Spring Term 2012

Ambivalence of military and religious actors in democratization processes – a critical
review of the Third Wave

By PD Dr. Andrea Fleschenberg dos Ramos Pinéu


Crossroads Asia: Conflict, Migration and Development – Entangled Interaction and Communication in 'Post-Area Studies'

By PD Dr. Conrad Schetter, Centre for Development Research, Bonn, Germany


Where the wild frontiers are... – Discursive framings and perceptions of Pakistan in US-American policy-making

By Prof. Dr. Manan Ahmed, Assistant Professor for History of Islam in South and Southeast Asia, Free University Berlin


In the belly of the beast - The challenges for left and progressive activism in the United States

By Jonathan Hogstad, National Research Coordinator of ROC-United, USA


“Change in the Middle East – An Assessment of the Arab Spring(s)”

By Prof. Dr. Jochen Hippler, Institute of Development and Peace, University of Duisburg-Essen


The Right to Water and Sanitation, Stakeholders and Spoilers – Challenges of a Sector Reform

By Dr. Simone Klawitter, Section Chief Water & Environm. Sanitation, UNICEF, Pakistan office, Islamabad


It's not about the West, stupid! - Decentering International Relations

By Dr. Daniel Pinéu, Lecturer and Researcher, Portuguese Institute of International Relations, Lisbon, Portugal


Being Muslim and Working for Peace in Gujarat

By Raphael Susewind, Lucknow, India (PhD candidate at the Universities of Bielefeld, Germany, and St. Anthony's College, Oxford, UK)