Social Sciences


Conferences & Workshops

Governance, Conflict and Peacebuilding Summer School,

University of Peshawar, Bara Gali Summer School (13.09.2014)


          a) ‘What’s first, what’s important? - A Critical Review of Concept and Measure of State/Statehood/State Institutions in Post-Conflict Societies

          b) Mapping and Discussing Key Challenges and Dilemma of (Post-)Conflict Governance

The Dynamics of Change in Conflict-Societies: Pakhtun Region in Perspective,

Research Colloquium with Dr. Saana Alimia, University of Peshawar, Bara Gali Summer School on (June 2014)

Ideas, Issues and Questions of Nation-Building in Pakistan - Second International Workshop ‘Reviewing Governance and Nation-Building’ 

(28th to 29th March 2014)

          Moderation: ‘Political Culture and Governance in Pakistan’

 Ideas, Issues and Questions of Nation-Building in Pakistan - Second Early Career Research Workshop, Quaid-i-Azam University

(27th March 2014)

          Lectures: ‘Careful: Texts Read You! - Reflections on Content Analysis and Coding‘

          Moderation: ‘The Art of the Research Interview and the Science Opinion Survey‘

Academic Writing Workshop,

University of Peshawar (10th-13th February 2014)

Graduate Research Workshop,

organized by department of Political Science University of Peshawar & Hanns-Seidel Foundation

Moderation: Book launch of Maya Tudor ‘The Promise of Power - The Origins of Democracy in India and Autocracy in Pakistan’,

Hanns-Seidel Foundation, Islamabad

International Workshop Series on ‘European Democracy and Integration Revisited,

Quaid-i-Azam University & Lahore University of Management and Sciences (22-23rd March 2013)


          a) ‘Challenges to European Democracy Reviewed’

          b) ‘Challenges of Regional Integration: Reviewing European Union Experiences & Practices’

Selected Guest Lectures:



Women's Parliamentary Participation in South and Southeast Asia - Caucusing, Representation and Issues of Transversal Agency

Singapore, October 2014

Unsichtbar Mobil, Widerwillen Bewegt, Isoliert von Solidarität? - Konfliktbedingte Migration und Binnenflucht in post-9/11 Pakistan

Weingartner Asiengespräche



Pandora’s box or ultimate confusion? - the messiness of Pakistan’s postcolonial imaginations & contestations of state(hood)

together with Azam Chaudhary, Johann Wolfgang Goethe -Universität Frankfurt am Main


Afghanistan’s Transition in the Making - Perceptions and Policy Strategies of Women Politicians and Activists

at the Willi Brandt Summer Schools on Managing Fragility: Good Governance in Transition Contexts, University of Erfurt (03.09.2014)

Governance and Public Policy Making - A Eurasian Dialogue

- Conference in Islamabad and Lahore (10th-14th March 2014)


          a) ‘Post-2014 Afghanistan and Challenges of Multi-Level Transition Politics‘

          b) ‘Using Theories and BUIlding Theoretical Frameworks in Research Designs‘

          c) ‘Conceptualizing and Negotiating Power, Privilege, Ethics and Conspiracy Theories‘

Democratisation & Empowerment post-2001: Tales of Political Participation from Afghanistan

            - Royal Holloway (02.04.2014)

            - European Conference on Politics and Gender, University Pompeu Fabra (22.03.2013)

Challenges of Social Sciences Research in Pakistan

            - School of Oriental and African Studies (07.04.2014)

            - Lahore University of Management Sciences (21.11.2013)


Democratisation and Empowerment? - Afghanistan’s post-2001 Gendered Tales of Political Participation and Transition Politics

            - Abdul Wali Khan University, Pakistan (11.02.2014)

            - University of Cologne, Germany (31.01.2014)


            - University of Brasilia, Brazil (03.12.2013)

Zivilgesellschaft in Pakistan - ein Mapping-Versuch,

Weingarten, Germany  (05.11.2013)

Historische, demokratische Wahlen in Pakistan? Einige demokratie-theoretische und praktische Bedenken

in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Birst, Philipps-Universität Marburg (27.05.2013)