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1. Study Guide for Germany - Malaysian Edition

    A specially compiled brochure for Malaysians who wish to study in Germany.

   How do I look for room or apartment when I am in Germany?
   Should I share an apartment or should I stay in a dormitory?
   How much will it cost for my monthly phone prepaid?
   Download this magazine and find out!
   The most popular subject for Malaysians to study in Germany.
   Experience the technology wonders of this hi-tech country in this magazine.
   All about studying medicine in Germany.
   Just for you to know, human medicine, dentistry and veterinary science are only offered in German.
   There are no postgraduate courses for Medicine in Germany because Medicine is not split into Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
   Medical students in Germany have to complete a six-year programme which concludes with the State Examination (Staatsexamen).
  Interested in classical literature? German language studies? Theology? Psychology?
  This magazine is for you!
  Biology, mathematics, earth sciences, physics: all science lovers unite!
  Download this magazibne and find out for yourself what Germany has to offer you.
  For those who are interested to learn the art of money making! This magazine gives you an overview
  about the subjects in business and economics as well as tourism and public administration.
   Worried if Germany is safe enough for your child to study?
   What will happen to your child if there is an emergency?

   All the questions that parents would want to know are answered in this brochure.

9. The German Doctorate    

    This brochure is the perfect guide for doctoral candidates who intend to a doctoral programme in Germany.
     The practical guide for international students in Germany, 5th edition.
     Funding Opportunities for International PhD Students, Postdocs, Junior and Senior Researchers
     A general overview about the different higher education institutions that exist in Germany.

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