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DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Welcome to the Homepage of the DAAD Information Centre Sydney!

The DAAD Information Centre Sydney welcomes you to Australia's first internet portal on higher education in Germany! Here you will find up to date information on studying, research and living in Germany - right in the heart of Europe!

Why opt for Germany? There are many answers to that question...
As a student, you can profit from a high-standard, globally recognised tertiary education system and have access to tuition free University education. Experience the strongest European economy through internships in German companies during your vacational periods!

You would like to carry out research? Germany plays a leading role in international science and research - it's certainly the place where you can get in touch with the German as well as the international scientific community. Spending time in Germany for research is regarded as a career booster all over the world!

And last but not least, you will enjoy German hospitality, a rich cultural heritage and unlimited travel possibilities within Germany and the whole of Europe!

For a quick overview of what Germany has to offer and how to get started, take a look at our Info Brochure!


Here's how you can contact us:

The best way to contact us is by email. If you would like to come and talk to us in person, we're happy to do so - however it is best to make an appointment by email first in order to avoid disappointment should the office not be attended.

DAAD Information Centre
c/o Goethe-Institut Sydney
90 Ocean Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
ph 02 8356 8345
f 02 8356 8314












Australian Association of von Humboldt Fellows


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German Universities present themselves:

Limitless opportunities for studying at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany, training qualified graduates in the disciplines of business, engineering, design and healthcare studies. To find out more about, check out a brand-new film about Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences - with international students from Rosenheim as main actors!

FUBiS at Freie Universität Berlin is an intensive academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted toward their degrees at their home institutions. FUBiS sessions run for 3 to 6 weeks taking place both in summer and winter. Students can choose between subject classes (mostly taught in English) and German language courses. Study visits within Berlin are an integral part of every course.

Developing Leadership Competence … Together! HWR Berlin's MBA and Master programmes are designed to provide an overarching understanding of management tasks, offering the tools and expertise needed by executive management in global companies or medium-sized firms. Choose from a Berlin MBA, a Master in International Business Management and a Master in Chinese-European Economics and Business Studies and get closer to your goals!

The M.Sc. in Global Software Development at Fulda University is a modern software development programme with strong relevance to industry. The programme lasts 1.5 years (18 months). It is completely taught in English and places special emphasis on project work and intercultural learning in mixed groups. Application deadline: November 1.


University Ranking
Would you prefer a larger university to a smaller one? How important is a research focus to you? Customise the ranking to find your dream institution!
We also have direct links to the most popular fields:

Computer Science (Master, University)
Computer Science (Master, Univ. of Applied Sciences)