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Australian DAAD Alumni Association

Announced in March 2010 and founded in April 2011, the Australian DAAD Alumni Association keeps growing, offering you a chance to meet fellow DAAD alumni, network, attend events and join a growing community of like-minded people! The Australian DAAD Alumni Association consists of DAAD alumni from Australia, Germany and many other countries. You will find regular reports about alumni activities in Australia in our newsletter.

The DAAD is very supportive of the creation of Alumni Associations all over the world, and financial and other support is available in regions where there is an active alumni association. Alumni associations are eligible to apply for funding for their events directly with DAAD headquarters.You will find a funding application form as well as more information here.

The decision to found an Australian DAAD Alumni Association was made at the DAAD Alumni Conference in March 2010 in Sydney. The conference was attended by about 150 Australian DAAD alumni and hosted by the DAAD. Together with a small “Alumni-Treffen”, the first annual Executive meeting was held at the Goethe-Institut Australien in Sydney in April 2011. Please find a list of Office Holders as well as a list of Regional Contacts below. If you are interested in the minutes of the 2012 AGM meeting, please take a look at this pdf.

Apart from Australia-wide alumni meetings organised by the DAAD Australia office, our alumni also organise a variety of regional events and meet-ups, so it's well worth getting in touch with your regional alumni representatives!

Initially, members’ contributions will be used to incorporate the Australian DAAD Alumni Association. The membership fee is currently set at $30 per annum, with a concessional fee of $20 for students, unwaged members and retirees. You will find an application form here.

If you are a DAAD alumna or alumnus, from Australia, Germany or any other country and currently living in Australia, why not become a paid-up member of the Australian DAAD Alumni Association and help the association grow and continue to be active!

Alumni are also invited to check out the Alumniportal Deutschland, a free, editorially supported social online network connecting people from all over the world who have studied, researched, worked or completed a course of advanced training in Germany. The portal is also open to companies and organisations as well as to foundations and institutions of higher education.
A unique combination of services with a connection to Germany and an online community opens up entirely new opportunities for maintaining contacts and networks. Career opportunities, language services and both on- and offline events complement the online community.
You will find more information in the Alumniportal flyer.

The Australian DAAD Alumni Association is also listed on the DAAD's central website of regional alumni organisations.


Office Holders

Dr Claudia Möller, clamoeller[at]

Dr Geoffrey See, geoffrey.see[at]

Dr Geoffrey See, geoffrey.see[at]

Dr Chrischona Schmidt,[at]

General committee positions
Dr Elke Stracke, elke.stracke[at]
Dr Chantal Nde, ndebeatrice[at]

You can contact the Association by emailing the Secretary at geoffrey.See[at] or by post to:

Australian DAAD Alumni Association
University of Newcastle
PO Box 28


Regional Contacts 

If you would like to contact the alumni group in your region, please refer to the following list.

New South Wales

  • Dr Mamun Haque, mamoon_y2k[at]
  • Dr Claudia Möller, clamoeller[at]
  • Dr Srinivas Nammi, s.nammi[at]


  • Dr Michiko Weinmann, michiko.weinmann[at]
  • Dr Glenn Nicholls, glenn.nicholls[at]


  • Prof. Eugen Petcu, e.petcu[at]

North Queensland

  • Dr Bobby Kannan Mathan, bobby.mathan[at]

Western Australia

  • Prof Anna Haebich, A.Haebich[at]

South Australia

  • Carolin Plewa, carolin.plewa[at]

Northern Territory

  • Chrischona Schmidt,[at]
Goethe Institut
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