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DAAD Information Centre Yaoundé

c/o Goethe-Institut Yaoundé

B.P.: 1067 Yaoundé

Tel. : (+237) 242 602 029

         (+237) 699 27 08 36

          (+237) 699 27 08 37 

 E-Mail: info@daad-kamerun.org

Welcome to the DAAD Information Centre Yaoundé!

The DAAD is represented in Cameroon since 2009 by an Information Centre which is the fiftieth worldwide and the third on the African continent. We provide information to Cameroonians who may go for university studies, research or scientific cooperation in Germany.

We answer questions related to domains of study and choice of university.

  • Do you want to know if your diplomas are accepted in Germany ?
  • Do you want to know the cost of studies and linguistic requirements?
  • Do you want to apply for a scholarship or research grant in Germany ?(Masters, Doctorate, Post-doc)?
  • You are a former student or grant holder in Germany and you wish to maintain contact with Germany .
  • You are a university lecturer or administrator in search of German partnerships.

This website offers detailed information on university studies and DAAD scholarships.

We answer all your questions with pleasure during our consultation hours as follow:Welcome

Mondays:       2 -5 pm at the Goethe-Institute Yaoundé (Bastos)

Tuesdays:      2 -5 pm at the University of Yaoundé I (New pedagogic bloc, R118)

Wednesdays: 9 -12 noon at the University of Yaoundé I (New pedagogic bloc, R118)

Thursdays:     9 - 12 noon at the University of Yaoundé I (New pedagogic bloc, R118)

E-mail: info@daad-kamerun.org

We are ready to set an appointment with you if needed.