What is DAAD?


What is DAAD?

Created in 1925, the DAAD is an association of German universities. Its members are German higher education institutes.

With its headquarters in Bonn, the DAAD represents German universities in the world through 15 regional offices and 57 information centres.Fassade des DAAD-Haupgebäude mit Sonnenschein
Fassade des DAAD-Haupgebäude mit Sonnenschein

Its main objective is to open German universities to the world and promote university cooperation with foreign countries, the teaching of German and germanistic studies. Finally, the DAAD helps developing to make internationally accepted university systems. Every year the DAAD offers around 200 scholarship programmes both to Germans and foreigners.

To be granted a DAAD scholarship, the candidate should be academically excellent. Years after years the DAAD has emerged best world organisation in the domain of university cooperation. Former DAAD scholarship holders have found their ways in various economic, cultural and political domains.

DAAD Strategy 2020