Postdoctoral Fellowships

The DAAD offers many programmes for experienced scientists, researchers and university lecturers. Some programmes are opened to all series whereas others are destined to specific scientific domains.

Research stays for experienced scientists and lecturers

This programme is for lecturers and experienced scientists who can carry out their research in Germany in less than three months. The research project and an invitation from a German lecturer in the host University should be provided. A good knowledge of English is an asset. Knowledge of German is an obligation. Deadline for applications is on 15th April and 15th October every year.

Study and management of conflicts

This is a programme for University lecturers or researchers who hold doctorates in political sciences and study of conflicts. Its main targets are regional stability, fight against terrorism, governance, international politics and religion. A good mastery of English is required.

The deadline for applications is not fix though it is usually in July or August.