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6th Life Science Conference_Dschang 

Synthetic biology, Information and Communication Technologies, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, gene therapy, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, three-dimensional printing, drones and robotics are some of the last technological developments of our decade. They have profound impacts on the present and future of food and health systems, cultural diversity, environment and climatic change. Artificially grown hamburgers, chocolates from a 3D printer, algae used for fuel, salt water cucumbers delivered by drones to one’s doorstep, stem cells therapy, green cities, are some of the applications of these new or existing technologies. Besides, human sociology, urbanization, economics and law are in deep and constant mutation.

Moreover, communication networks have shrunk or abolished distance. Travel has never been so rapid and convenient. In this new world of globalization, the possibilities of intercultural contact have multiplied while linguistic and biological diversities as well as many other forms of local knowledge and cultural expression are in decline.

Globally, human being is moving to new living revolution which regulation and broad study of its impact to the environment are needed. Indeed, rapid growth of new technologies and global economy in the 21st century would really sustain further development of human civilization and help in the fulfillment of the socio-economic needs of the present generation only if the diversity of human culture and natural resources are properly managed. Furthermore, the interconnections between economic growth, social justice and environmental protection of the present and future generations need to be fully addressed.

Four sub-themes will guide the discussions during the conference:

  • Ethnomedicine and New Technologies
  • Food System
  • Local Knowledge and Environment
  • Green Economy and Multiculturalism

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