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WAFIRA Yaounde/Cameroon


The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is committed to promoting and strengthening equal opportunity in education and research. In contribution to the delivery of this strategic objective, a programmatic capacity-building workshop entitled the "Women Advancement Forum: International Exchanges, Research & Academia" (WAFIRA), was conceptualized as a 3-day-training programme for female academics and researchers, in 2014, and will continue with enhanced delivery in collaboration with universities in Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast ,Togo and Cameroon.


• Advancing the careers, progression and retention of female academics and researchers.
• Encouraging female academics and researchers with regards to applying for scholarships/ research grants.
• Increasing the application and success rates of female academics and researchers in the DAAD/German international exchange and scholarship programmes.
• Enhancing the delivery of mentoring and support networks for female academics and researchers.
• Contributing to a critical awareness, exchanges, and transformative knowledge development and capacity on gender equity and equality in academia and research.
• Providing a space for dynamic exchanges and networking where female academics and researchers can share their perspectives and particular experiences and thus, engender inspiring and empowering innovations for the engagement of their agencies and capacities.
• Creating a high-level knowledge hub and opportunities for academic publications in leading international journals under the theme “Academia and research through a gendered lens”.
• Capturing, sharing and disseminating knowledge for women’s advancement in academia and research.


• A promotion, support and networking programme to boost the number of successful applications from female researchers/academics to the DAAD and other German Scholarship programmes
• Vision statement/recommendations to the national authorities for higher education in each host country.
• Vision statement/recommendations to the DAAD.
• Full report (summary of key presentations, discussion points and conclusions from the workshop sessions).
• Identification of potential ‘‘God fathers’’ and mentors and establishment of effective mentoring relationships for the career advancement of women academics and researchers.
• Academic articles in international peer-reviewed journals.
• Compendium of case studies of the experiences, successes, challenges and the transformational impact of international exchange programmes such as DAAD in the career trajectories of Central African women academics and researchers.
• WAFIRA Central Africa Regional Forum 2018 (in Yaounde, CAMEROON) with participants from West and Central African Countries - focus on Women’s leadership skills, challenges and opportunities in academia and research.


Female DAAD and Germany Alumnae as well as other emerging (minimum: Masters’ degree level) female academics and researchers from institutes of higher education and research institutes in the respective country. Maximum 100 participants per event.


Applicants are expected to write a short essay on their experiences on the theme “A version of events: being female in academia/research” The article should also elaborate on why the applicant regards the WAFIRA Forum as relevant. Applications will be screened and selected by a committee. A selected number of essays will be published after the conference (with the prior consent of contributing authors - optionally anonym) as a compendium of case-studies of experiences of female academics from different West African Countries.
Participation Fee (for non-DAAD Alumni): 10.000 XAF MA students/ 20.000 XAF for PhD to post-doc researchers (in local currency).

More information on the WAFIRA network and previous events can be found here.